Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

All the candidates desirous of seeking admission will be required to register themselves by submitting the duly filled-in registration form along with requisite registration fee. Incomplete registration forms will not acceptable.

  1. The Prospectus and the receipt of the registration fee should be produced as and when asked during the admission procedure.
  2. Mere registration does not guarantee admission.


  1. Admission in class LKG will be on the basis of lottery.
  2. Admission in classes UKG, I to VII will be on the basis of admission test.

  1. All the candidates will have to appear, along with the parents, for an interaction on the specified date.
  2. A list of the finally selected students will be published on the notice board of the school. The finally selected students will have to comply with the prescribed admission procedures as per the prescribed schedules, failing which the grant of admission will stand cancelled and the waiting list will be updated.
  3. Compliance with the admission procedure :
    The following documents will be verified at the time of grant of admission
  4.  Attested copy of the birth certificate issued by competent authority (for LKG, UKG & I only).
  5. Transfer Certificate issued by the previous school (for classes II & above).
  6. Certificate from the employer for all classes (in case of MDPS & MDCSN employees, only)
  7. Two passport size coloured recent photographs of the student (for all classes).
  8. Caste Certificate, if any (for all classes).
  9. Previous year's Mark-sheet (for classes II and above).
  10. Remittance of the requisite fees.